Recomendations for data recovery software for elive. Please?

I recently accidentally erased a folder of photos on an external HD. It's formatted GUID from my MBP. Data recovery software suggestions please.

First and foremost:
Don't panic !"

You will have to make clear what filesystem is used on the external HD before we can even think of answering that. It would also help to know what format the photo's were in i.e "RAW" or "JPG".

The one thing you should do in all cases is -- make a raw 1:1 copy of that HD using the "dd" command.
That way you don't risk your data when trying out recovery stuff.

After that the "testdisk" command usually finds most lost files.


thats one that i like it too... in fact, it is included in elive by default and directly from the applications menus (secret feature application, yeah you can recover photos from a second-hand buyed SD camera card lol)

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