Redirect `' to `'

Sometimes jingles just "come" to me. That was the case for Elive...I thought of a cool jingle.

Unfortunately it sounds best with rather than (sounds more natural and less forced), but users would get confused if they ended up at the forum rather than the website.

So...can we redirect elivelinux to elivecd?

To be honest
elivecd confused me, too.

But Thana.... he emphasizes that Elive is a LiveCdDistro; a sort of that..
Personally I like your suggestion, but :sniff:

Btw: Which jingle :eyepopping:

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Here's the PDF. hope you enjoy.

The_Jingle.pdf | DocDroid

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...even though the old elive logo said "more of a distro than a livecd"... :shocked:


unfortunately am too blond to read notations, but my kids, they can...
Have to wait until 2morrow morning, then they can sing it for me :impatient:


Haha there's an open source tool called Musescore that when you open the file it lets you press play and a voice hums the tune...and you can look at the lyrics...provided you're not too "blond" for that :rofl2:

here's the musescore file:

here's a link to musescore:

There's quite a bit of ambiguity in the "live-CD or not" sense ..... but all the repos are named as elivecd too which I suspect is related to the repos on the live/install cd naming scheme and the install scripts on it.
By itself I'd say EliveLinux sounds fine but there'll surely be purists who say that it should be: GnuEliveLinux. :madness:

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