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I’m not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but I’m looking for clarification on elive releases. Beta currently uses buster and E16, and stable(old) uses wheezy and E24. Is the plan to eventually have beta, buster with E24 which will then become stable? Or is beta going to remain with e16 and stable will become buster with E24?

I’m just trying to understand the versioning and future roadmap. Thanks for your time (also this information might be useful for the Wikipedia page if they ever let you publish it) :roll_eyes::joy:

Edit - typo elite/elive...damn you autocorrect :smirk:

  • Stable 3.0 = E17 which DE isn't being maintained anymore (optional E16)

  • Beta 3.8.12 (and counting) = up-to-date E16 and includes the option to install E24 for testing but isn't stable enough as a Desktop Environment, as of yet.

  • Stable 4.0 will be E24 (or later) but isn't there yet by a long shot.


I see. Thanks. Is 4.0 going to have buster?

Beta is Buster based ...... if we take too long 4.0 stable might even be Bullseye. :scream: :madness: :scream:

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:joy::rofl: thanks for the clarification. It makes sense now. Was it the Enlightenment re-write that made this odd versioning situation? Unless you’re aware of What happened with enlightenment after E16 it seems strange.

Anyway thanks

Stable 3.0.x being 32bits stopped being developed and it looked like amd64 would never get off the ground due to lack of funding.
Eventually it got off the ground because @Thanatermesis kept plodding along.
Because E17 was deprecated and Enlightenment in general (i.e E19+) a moving target, it made sense to use the very stable E16 while there was/is still a lot of work to get a stable 64 bit system.

Once Enlightenment is stable and the underlying 64 bit system too ...... then things will start to come together.
Look around on the forum using the search tool ..... most off your questions have been asked and answered before.

Thanks for that @triantares. Much appreciated. I’ve had a look around and read some threads but that helped consolidate my understanding. :+1:

also: Elive versioning numbers assigned to releases