Replacing the default archive manager

By @triantares:

Suggestion: Replace "file-roller" by "engrampa".

Will be needed a few reasons to change it:

  • why / in what is better
  • filetypes support (should be at least the same ones, or almost)
  • lightness (ram usage) and package size / dependencies (i think the default included is pretty small)
  • usability better?
  • more beautiful ?

No big difference except "beauty"
Engrampa is a (Mint) fork of fileroller and has the same functionality.
There's a slightly larger memory usage 8.0 : 7.6 Mb by emgrampa compared to fileroller. I don't know where that comes from, though.

My main thought was that engrampa doesn't use the gnome dialog bar but conforms to the enlightenment theme. Thus better for overall coherence.

It looks like to have more features too ? :thinking: there's buttons to open, create new, add files.. etc

(if engrampa is on the left )

It is the one on the left indeed. I hadn't seen the "add files" option -- that's actually very nice. :applause:

a bit confusing, but i was able to create a compressed file (with file-roller too)

in fact i dont know yet if can be a better replacement :slight_smile:

sounds to me older, it seems to use gtk2 too, file-roller looks a bit more "smart" (automatically activated widgets, etc)

Neither do I. I've got both on my system for a while now.

They both do their job well and have the same functionality.
Except that fileroller needs the gnome dialog bar to be able to access its menu options.

is not that the same as the three ||| horizontal lines button? :thinking:

Yes that's what I mean.
Apparently the new way for gnome. Only it's a bit stupid to have double close/iconify/maximize buttons. :sniff:

yeah its a bit ugly and less userfriendly, i didnt like this stupid idea too... rhythmnbox has the same "issue", and unfortunately there's not any decent audio player in the entire world

I liked much "songbird" (available on 3.0) which i controlled playlists in the correct way and also the rating of songs, rhythmnbox seems to be pretty much lighter but less featured, in the playlists you don't have much control (let's say you create a playlist with genre A and B and C that will have a minimum of 2 stars rated, you can't)