Replacing ugly gnome/adwaita taskmanager on Elive

I've made a note of it before:
Some gnome/adwaita based apps have their own built in window dressing which sort of "doubles" with the Elive theming.
To keep the Elive experience a bit more coherent we should try not to use those apps i.e find replacements.
'gnome-taskmanger' is one of those apps and while awaiting a finished EFL version we should consider using 'xfce4-taskmanager' or 'lxtask'.
Personally I think 'lxtask' is the nicer of the 2. It has a nice minimal, no-nonsense look to's a comparison:

  • On top is xfce4-taskmanager and lxtask is below.

I prefer xfce4-taskmanager because of the graph feature (and I think it has more features)