Reposition the system information gadget (conky)

Hello everyone,

I'm using the new beta 64-bit version of elive and I would like to know how I can move the widget of the system info

I'm using more than one screen and I want to relocate it.

Thanks for all your help, and keep what you are doing the result are fantastic!!.


Hi @kickfliph and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

If im not wrong, you can simply move the window just like another one, and it (if im not wrong) just remember its position later :thinking:

Try to move it with "ctrl + alt + left-mouse-click-and-drag", you have all the hotkeys to control your desktop in the "help" icon on the dock which is the hotkeys pdf :slight_smile:

There is also the conkyrc configuration file, usually a dot file in your home directory. You can put the x and y coordinates there if you fancy a bit of editing.

Try "man conky" to get the manual because the developers explained everything from day one. Or you can try the gui method explained above