Resizing an application window

I'm trying to resize the Thunderbird mail window, but are unable to do so. Am I overlooking a key control?

Did u try to use the special buttons already? Like control + alt + central mouse button?


  • Read the keybindings page you clicked away at first boot ...... that was an RTFM :madness:
    Seriously though: Ctrl, Alt and middle mouse


  • If you've got standard settings: Alt middle mouse wheel
    Otherwise select the little icon top left then "window", "maximize" or "keyboard resize". Afterwards set the size to "remember" if you want to keep it. (IIRC E16 has that option too.)

On both E16 and E23 there's the option of using your mouse on the edges giving either horizontal or vertical resize (not diagonal i.e both) when the pointer starts pulsating


you're absolutely right triantares; it was a noob question, but I got the things in order now ... :joy: :joy: :joy:


Sorry if I RTFMed you, even in joking...Noob questions are totally valid questions IMO.

It was the just to make a point that @Thanatermesis takes a lot of trouble to add Howtos and explanations during installation and on first boot ..... but clearly nobody reads them. :frowning_face:

Putting them up even more "in your face" would prolly piss people off and there'd be reactions like "why the F is that there, I know that!" etc, etc.

Any ideas what could've been done so that you wouldn't have needed to ask that question here?

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No @triantares ... I my case it was just a RTFM .... :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


im not sure if shows on the installed mode too, but one of the last icons of your dock should be the hotkeys list :thinking:

renamed title and moved to a more correct category so that this thread can help other people searching for the same thing

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