Resizing window without clicking at the exact spot on the windows

Is there some key we can press to resize a windows more easily without having to press ( touchscreen) or click (mouse) at the exact position on the window border ?

Example, to move a Window, instead of clicking the upper bar, we can SUPER (window) or CTRL + ALT and touchscreen the window anywyere or click the window anywhere to move it... lot easier than using the top bar

so is there a combinaison thast if I click in the interior of a window (or touch screen) and want to resize it, that pressing the key would make RESIZE work ?

That would be 'Alt + F8' :smiley14:

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While try it, I think it,s not what I was looking for but should do about the same....

ctrl + alt + middle click while dragging?

On a touchPad ? :wink:

You probably can set a hotkey where the key enables the "resizing" and so using the touchpad to drag (resize) it :thinking: