{Resolved} Help Please to install iso image to boot with DVD

i realised i should have just copied the file to USB instead of trying to flash it.
Now done that and moved to old computer.
Now burning iso image to DVD
fingers crossed once that's done it will boot ok from the DVD

Hi folks. i'm trying to install elive on an old sony vaio which wont boot from USB, so i downloaded elive_3.0.6_stable_hybrid onto a different machine (which doesnt have a DVD drive). Flashed it to a USB SUCCESFULLY so i can copy to the old machine using Etcher. When i try to look at the USB though i get a message saying i need to format the disk in the drive

What am i doing wrong?

Help appreciated.


You are confusing a 'copy to ...' with a 'write to ...' action. They are not the same.

If I read your message right then:
Flashing to USB does NOT copy the .iso to the USB but actually makes the USB able to boot Elive.
A Windows computer will not (want to) recognize that USB disk as a drive.

If you just want to copy the hybrid.iso file to that machine using a USB then:

  • make sure the USB has enough space,
  • is formatted to something that Windows understands and then
  • simply copy over the .iso file with i.e drag&drop to the USB
  • take it over to said Windows machine and let the DVD burner program handle the .iso file.

Good that is out of the way. :smiley14:
Considering that 3.0.6 is a very old release, may I recommend trying out the latest 32 bit Elive RetroWave release as well?
Synthwave / Retrowave modern OS

Thanks for suggestion.

Well, i have 1.7 GHZ Cleron, 504 mb ram, 80 GB hardisk.

if you think still ok for that (and i guess now i should be able to install from USB instead of from DVD assuming the BIOS gets updated - not sure) then for sure i'll update.

Not finished installing yet (i chose to wipe Windows :slight_smile: but looking very good so far

Well that's fairly meager in specs (especially the RAM) but if it can run the live version to your liking than installing it will only make it better.
Be aware that Elive 3.0.6 does not touch your BIOS a in any way, you'll have to do that yourself the hard way. :windows:
I had it running OK on similar specs, an old Thinkpad X61T.

but admittedly 3.0.6 is faster.

Ok. Well it seems to be installing from the DVD drive just fine. (not running it live, i'm installing it).

But it does say Syntwave needs minimum 600 mb ram, whereas older version was less, cant find required spec at mo. Anyway, we'll see.

Should work under 300-400 MB, but the best is to try it yourself and see :slight_smile: give us a feedback if you do

@triantares can you send me this photo via email and if you can, trying to make other better ones? (which means, better framing, symmetric / more horizontal, removal of cables around, glasses and usb looks fine (usb needed in fact), etc etc... I think I can try to see how it looks like on the website :thinking::thinking: I found it nice and natural looking on that old computer with a nice interface and pretty retrowave (the video player on this scene looks nice too), or in a wetransfer zip

Yeah, I made quite a few with my phone on 'signal' but they all have issues.
Like not framing nicely, looking messy or dirty, weird reflections, bad lighting, etc. etc.
Here's what I've got:


I suppose I could do better if I made a real effort but that machine has been extremely well used and looks very shabby if go in too close...and the battery is so depleted that it wont run for even a second without the charger.

The best would actually be to get a good shot of the machine and then edit a screenshot into it, to eliminate reflections and bad lighting.

Not really, the screen looks pretty clear and well balanced in light with the "real" elements (table, keyboard), maybe just a damp cloth to remove any dust and that's all, send me the originals via email when you have them so I can try to use them on the website

Maybe if you got someone that can record it on phone while doing a small using and upload to youtube can be nice too :thinking: a more "real usage view" just like showing the speeds and all

Did that. There's no dust there, just lots of scratches.

Sorry but it's past midnight here and starting tomorrow I've got some very long working day.s ahead .... until over the weekend So no time or opportunity for that.

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