Resources required for the next development phase (message)

There’s multiple messages in the website with something like “there’s no enough resources to start the next development phase… unless the situation changes…”

I have been contacted by a known website too that wanted to write a small article of the experience of 3.0 and asked me a few questions, one of them was “elive requried donations in the past for the devleopment, now that is cost-free, what will happen? when there will be a new version?”

I’m specifically worried about how these messages are said, in the psychological aspect I mean, by one side it is meant to make understand different things like:

  • with the actual donations is not possible to continue making elive
  • donations are a requeriment, not because we are a commercial distro crap
  • etc

But at the same time it has also negative impact, like thinking that is not worth to use a distro that will not “exist in the future” and similar things

What you think about these messages and how are formulated? what feels makes on you when reading them?

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