Reviewing Elive reviews - what I agree with

Another problem is when I tried to use it with Virtualbox, which is the most common situation among new users. It was superslow dealing with my Intel graphic card. Indeed, it's the slowest distro I've ever tried in Virtualbox.

Yes, yes, yes. It was completely unusable for me in VirtualBox - at least the stable was; not sure about the betas.

Another problem is the excesive colourful of its interface. The terminal looks like if it'd been designed by a 10 year old child. It's pretty tedious and weary. It's necessary to change the initial configuration to transform it into something more adult. A good example is the question about whether I want a sound each and every time the system is booted. Really? Are you serious? Come on, man, that's so childish. In addition, the interface is overloaded, so it becomes distracting. Lots of super small icons on the title bar.

Do not agree with that - I like fun OSes as long as they are still functional.

Second review -

I installed it on an old PC, with an ATI (AMD) graphics card, and the distro told me that it was a bad choice, and to buy a better grapics card! That is not okay.

That sounds like bad wording. I think that wording was improved after.


still looks and feels like something a 12 year old would make as his first project. All the effects are really distracting, the ergonomics are poorly thought out and, to add insult to injury, their payment scheme is like a bad joke. Over all I wouldn't use it even if I was the one getting paid to use it.

Not gonna review this one, have gotten too sick of seeing it every distrowatch version.


Some small things are missing, such as a volume control widget.

I do agree, I had to go into the settings to enable that on Stable.

I really enjoy the startup screen. It's easy on the eyes and with just enough 'movement' of things on the screen to hold ones attention enjoyably as it boots up.


And Im getting a bit tired of reviewing reviews so this is the end. Just a few things to think about. :slight_smile:

Strange, I don't have any such worries.
Look at my dual screen screenshot .... you can see the settings on the right hand side of the window.
Stable flies on my machines in virtualbox. :nod:

hm, it could''ve been partially because of the old iMac I was using.

My friend had the same issue ... but then again his hardware is really really buggy.

Is there a source? I think I don't get the discussion without context.

hm? whcih context?


This is where I agree with @yoda about allowing free download. I know @triantares disagrees but this is what happens.

There is no way that you can avoid idiots like that, certainly not by giving them free access.

Aside from the first short sentence, which is an opinion: Every single statement is flagrantly untrue.
So despite the negative review it gives, I'm perfectly happy those kind of people don't land here on the forum. :nod:

Those are the kind of people that'll wrong anything that isn't 100% aligned to their personal expectancy ...... and loudly too. Good riddance.

One word to describe those reviews.....


I would not say 'idiot'.
In fact, I strugle since a few days with the question, if we want to shut down the 3.0.6 stable link ...

In IRC, there are some questions regarding the update. In fact, the stable is based on wheezy, and the mirrors don't exist anymore. So they eventually can install, but in some cases don't use without expert knowlege. -> they are getting frustrated.

Maybe it is more helpfull to give a 'basic' version for free, as teaser. They can check if elive will basicly work on the system. With a limited boot menu (no persistance), less preinstalles helper and so on.
And pay for the full experience, as Tun showed us in the nice video (nice girl is not included in the payment!). Every free user could make a full version with some work ... but this work is the worth of payment.

Just a thought.

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good idea. :slight_smile:

IMO however that since Stable is like, amazing, we can't really shut it down. OTOH, it's farming bad reviews due to its outdated base. :confused:

I really don't know what to do anymore.

Yep, agreed. It'll end up just harming elive, since people browsing the forum will see that people can be kind of rude, even if deserved.

Maybe it could be stated more clearly in the description on the download page that it's Wheezy based and thus will not get anymore updates......albeit I doubt it'll help. :face_with_head_bandage:

I stand to "idiot".
Someone who debits 4 pertinent untrue facts in a row as arguments to stress an opinion, is exactly that. :angry:

I think that would be even worse i.e the only way that could be done properly is using the (already used) method of asking for payment to install to HD ...... or build in a timer that blocks.

It is okay. In my experience I would try to avoid this hard judgement. But that doesn't mean it need to be.

To explain (Yes, I'm such an idiot, too. I cant let it go):
The 'idiot' is getting some experience, and because he paid, he want to share it.

Two month ago I applied for a Job. Last week I've got a denial. I answered to the rejection email and tolled them how bad the jobportal is. Of course nice as ever and with a bullet list of points that could be better if you don't work every day in this environment.
Of course I won't wonder, if the HR staff reads the email, thinks 'Idiot' and send it to trash. But I hope there is somebody who understands the value of a feedback, put it in a internal qualified form and got a change. so every person, who want a job there, got a better impression of the job.

I'm in an age, where I still think nice is better than have just an opinion. But I understand the reaction of anger based of a pure rage feedback.

A long time ago I've build a ticketsystem for requesting articles in the ERP. A system for approx. 600 Users. And everyone is writing 'urgent', 'hurry', 'i asked an hour ago ...' ... If there was more text than 'this article: yxz' it wasn't nice 98%.
After reading these tickets day by day for 3 week, I've got a letter at home. It says 'urgent, last reminder'. Two days later I've realized it was urgent, it was the check in for my finals in my second job ... I just don't reacted to the signal words, because I've read it very often ...
And why I am telling you this? Easy: I'm more open to read a nice open communication, with header, text and (personal) greeting.

The 4 untrue facts are untrue for us. But it was points, that bugs him/her. So If we want to be superior. we should think of 'how can we handle this in a constructive way'?

I call people more often dumb or idiots, than you can read above. I am not a saint. But here is not out living room. In a way it is a nice working environment. The purpose of this communication is still to push elive, not to be comfy all around.


I'll list the statements here:

  1. the site is a joke --- that's an entitled opinion, no worry there.
  2. All links are broken unless you pay --- untrue
  3. 64 bit is only partially completed -- untrue
  4. and still in Beta --- true but abundantly stated on the site :w00t:
  5. only get the 32 bit version --- untrue
  6. No matter what you do, you have to pay --- untrue
  7. you cannot even test it first --- untrue

That this person clearly has a reading problem is the only thing one can conclude here.
By publicizing that personal issue this loud makes said person an idiot IMHO.

I very much doubt that there was a payment done i.e said person would have been all over this forum complaining about the experience and demanding a refund.

I do think/agree with others that it's high time "Retro"-snapshot is offered for free but I also think that this minimal 2hr wait saves us from a lot crazy cookies like that ........ whom I doubt will ever donate a single dime to the effort.

My emails came almost immediately, being a forum member.
So there might be a problem on your end there.......still a hotmail user?

Yeah, that is beef. Now we can work :slight_smile: Thanks for your detailed answer.

So, how do we explain '3.0.6 is a teaser, to use it for real, please use 64bit ... Please donate to download immediately. If you can't afford a donation, just wait 2h after registration and get the full spark of Elive' ... It is not that complicated, isn't it?

nope (gmail, yes i know i am trying to switch to proton), nothing even though I am part of the news letter. I got the beta32 after 10 minutes but not the stable.

edit: fixed, my end

now that you put it out there like that, I hate hat you have to wait for stable.

it's wheezy. most people don't want to donate to a wheezy-based distro. so why limit those who don't ? especially since it's a teaser like you said.

just a thought

I used 3 different adresses including gmail and protonmail. All of them are almost instantaneous, methinks seriously that the issue is on your end of the line.

well for one: So we don't have to waste our time on those :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

If they're not able to wait a short while aka feel they're 100% entitled to a free and fast download .... it'll never satisfy them.
They're certainly not going to be of any help testing or bug hunting ..... let other distros have that privilege.

I like that small little :clown_face: filter. :nod: