Rythym Box plugins and is it possible to burn CDs with it?

I like Rythym Box but don't use it in other than a casual manner. There is an audioohile that I support (he's on Elive 3.8.32, MacBook 2010 Unibody, 8GB RAM 500GB HDD) to whom I recommended the app and his next question is surely going to be how do I burn CDs from RythymBox? Is it possible to have Brasero burn Rythymbox playlists?

How do you go about getting the plugins for the app? I tried installing them with Synaptic as there was at least one package, but nothing so far.

Sheesh ..... burn audioCDs? Those with .wav files?
Do people still do that? :shocked:

You could tell him about the broad availabilty of memory cards and sticks as well as the internet/cloud options.....on top about lossless audio compression. :rofl2:

The friend and client is an old school DJ and he is aware if those options, but not eveyone prefers the way we now store data. Believe or not there's still a significant segment that actually prefer DVDs and CDs to "easily lost" memory cards and USB thumbdrives.

So any options to have Brasero burn media directly in RythymBox? And what's the deal with acquiring and using plugins in RythymBox?

Frankly I've never seen or heard about it.
I've never used rythmbox for anything else than playing audio.
I do remember "audacious" having an option to export playlists in various formats ..... maybe that could be helpful. :thinking:

Brasero itself is quite good at creating Audio CDs and warns if the size of the CD gets exceeded and such....Just a matter of drag*dropping the wanted audio files in there.

I personally don't like rhythmnbox (too basic), but in fact I don't like any audio player except the dead songbird, which I tried to revive many times (just like nightingale) unsuccessfully. I like them because offers much more options like:

  • dynamic playlists (songs are added / removed depending of what happens in your music directory)
  • much improved playlist options, like including regex, AND or OR cases, etc
  • I can have my music rated (statically) on the .mp3 files

The only way I was able to make it working on my computer is from a chroot wheezy environment with alsa instead of pulseaudio (host machine needs to switch off pulseaudio, otherwise not works)

Anyways that's a long story a bit offtopic...

In short every application does its job, the job of recording CDs is from brasero, it has not much relation with the audio player, but maybe there's a plugin for rhytmnbox for that, not sure (or can be written), what I think is a good solution is to simply open brasero, select the files that wants to be recorded on rhythmnbox and drag them into brasero :thinking: - update: as triantares said this tip too