Save your eyes

Add this script to your startup applications in case you care about preserving your sight in the best way!


LOL :madness:

But very good advice none the less. :thinking:

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Seeing you're using zenity, did you ever check out "yad” (it's already installed )? I find it much more convenient to use for scripts ..... but to each his own tastes, wot? :mwahaha:

No never tried it. I may try it. Zenity is super easy for simple dialogs so i just sticked with it after the first use

nice script :slight_smile: BTW is strongly suggest "api workrave", this small app does the same thing with more features, you configure the time, the rests and the pauses, it blocks your desktop to wait 5 minutes and also tell you some neck / eyes exercices, it also includes statistics of mouse movements and keyboard keypresses :rofl2: , i used it a lot in the past when I had problems with my wrists


Great. I will install it and try it