Screen configuration tool - How to save our config?

When we open screen settings, we are asked to save the config but I can’t figure out where / how to do that…


You need to save it in the opened application (which opens arandr)

Tell me if the application doesn’t opens or the text needs to be improved

Wording: Better something like this?

Use the next tool to configure your screens. Save the configuration from the next tool if you want that Elive uses it when starting the system.

Let me know if you want a video or animated gif.

  • If we click Screen settings it open " Screen Layout Editor"
  • We can then change our screen configuration
  • If we close it, it tell us we didn’t save any config and offer us to go over the process again
  • then we’re not sure what to do, we do it again
  • we try to click Save As as this is the only SAVE SOMETHING button on the screen
  • Save As, default to the elive user .screenlayout folder.

If we save some file with whatever the name, is it what it is asking us to do ?
It will use that screen config file ?

Most, not to say all, screen configuration tools, would simply remember and default to what we just choose ( screen resolution, default screen, etc) without having use to save some config file…


yes, exactly :slight_smile:

yes and no, maybe I can make it “detect what the user has configured” but the thing is that this configurator can be a one-time usage (like if you connect a projector for a presentation), so it is expected that you only use the configuration this time and forget. So, when you save the configuration is like “I want to use this profile, always”

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Some technical details:

  • at starts, if pre-desktop detects if a new configuration has been saved and asks you if you want to use this one always at boot
  • remembers the connected screens for that configuration, if you don’t have the same connected, doesn’t loads the configuration
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