Screenshots e16 Space Station

Theme used was Space Station, Plank Dock, TzClock and Azenis icons.

That looks pretty nice, a strong customization :slight_smile:

Could be good if you add the links of the themes used on your first post, so other people can use them too if likes it

Sorry, I assumed that EVERYONE (still using e16) knew the source of those themes.


has a link to the gallery

and to the downloads.



is also an option to get e16 themes.

The GTK theme used was mainly E17 gtk revolved.

Icons were either Rustfold or Newaita-holidays, or the ones I made for myself.

Azenis2021 GTK theme used above is easy to find, but I don't know about the icons. Maybe this download could work.

Aravisian had it published on Pling, but they didn't become BFFs, and he deleted it again.

BTW, this theme is predestined to be used on Xfce; nowhere else looks as good as there.