Screenshots of Old version 2.0 Topaz


Full e17 desktop only using 71 MB of RAM :dance:

I should install these old version in my slow computers :thinking:


Hummmmm :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
I will may be downgrade my slower laptop to Topaz...

Really sharp/clean interface...


yes, the interfaces is really good! (but you saw these things once installed)

tell me if you want to install it, so it requires an installer-module (invitation or donation)



@yoda after to boot topaz, you must try "apt-get install elpanel" :rofl2: :sunglasses:

damn... those old interfaces...

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im thinking to bring back elpanel lol

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What is elpanel ?
El Chapo mafioso, car ?


cannot be explained :slight_smile: it must be tried :sunglasses:


I know elpanel, it was good.


As soon as I'll find a store who stills sale CD-R (Not DVD-R) I'll install Topaz in my first laptop, and old 1999 IBM ThinkPad iSeries 1217 with a Celeron 500 Mhz CPU and 160 Mb RAM (32 Mb by default, upgraded to its maximal capacity with a supplementary 128 Mb module)
And I'll try elpanel too (I suppose that means elive panel but my first though was to think in Spanish :laugh:)

But I need to found where to buy the old classic CD-R in the nearest town (20 km far away from home :disappointed:)

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Amazon ?

I buy so many things from them..

I am a Prime Member ( the one day or 2 shipping free) +

When prime you access : Prime Video ( equivalent of Netflix) and also some VOIP (free calling using Voice Over IP ) at least here in canada they provide that (free call CAnada, USA' Mexico) and Amazon Prime Music ( some kind of Spotifiy)


Yes, Amazon is my last option (I'm not a Prime member) but I prefer to look for at local hypermarket next time we go to do weekly shopping..... the problem is that I forgot to look for it almost every week, and I won't drive 40 kilometers only to look for a CD-R :rage:

But if next week I forgot it again I'll look for them at Amazon.....

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so bad, they had elive in the past (you buy CD's with elive recorded on them) :frowning_face: and this of course has a marketing / publicity bad impact...

can somebody write them asking for Elive disks ?

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I'll write them tomorrow to see what they says....

If not I found several CDR ("Inves", they come from El Corte Inglés, it still exists "Inves", that was the white label from HW from El Corte inglés, wasn't it?) aged at least 15 years, but now my problem is that nor Elive nor Ubuntu (my wife's PC) recognizes my old external USB writer DVDRW Iomega and I doesn't found nothing at DuckDuckGo to make it works so I can't burn my CD :rage::rage::rage: because is the only CDRW unit I have that works (Acer internal one is broken) and HP and my wife's PC doesn't have a CD unit.....

Next goal is to install this Iomega USB writer....


try from wallapop :wink:

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I'm too old for wallapop :smile:

I think I wasn't very good in my previous post, those Inves CDR I found them in my old storage boxes with some old Linux live CDs (Knoppix, Gnopix, and others...) I rescued also and old iMac that somebody gitfs me 5 years ago but MacOs 9 ejected the 5 blank CDR so maybe they are not in very good condition after 15 year storage :frowning_face:

By the way, as soon as I'll burn Elive 2.0 CD I'll try to install it in this iMac, I think it would be possible... :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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you are talking here to the specialist for
installing Linux on Mac Hardware..... :nod:

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also burn the 1.0 Gem version, it is even more lighter :slight_smile:

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That was my idea, to burn both as least to see them running, BTW, I found yesterday this nice article talking of Gem (with Elpanel :wink:) but the link to contact the writer is dead, It would be nice to contact him to inform that a newer release is coming soon, I'll try to found him with search engines....


On which OS do you want to use it?
For Mac: Toast
For Linux: K3b (should work)
For Win: iomega tools and others

Don't forget to check If you will need "-" or "+" cdr :omfg: :nod: