Searching an Elive MacBook version (from around 2008 ~)

I have a MacBook from 2006 (the first one IIRC).

It is EXTREMELY slow (1GB ram only!) and I thought to use elive.

The betas work fine but they aren't too fast.

About a week ago, I was browsing through on the wayback machine. And saw that there was a macbook version.

So, after seeing that the mirrors were not archived while they were available and that the macbook version is not inside the Elive torrent museum of old versions, I contacted @Thanatermesis.

Just my luck—

Hum, it doesn't looks like I have it anymore (so bad!)

Does anyone have a copy of the MacBook version? He did say that one of the stable versions included all the features of the macbook one and i could figure it out based on release dates compared to the date on the wayback machine...But this way he could also put it in the torrent of old versions. (Plus, less work for me :nod:)
Thanks a bunch! Have a good one.