Setting the Window size in Darktable

I'm having an issue setting the window size in Darktable. It's opening so that the window is oversized and you cannot access some of options. To make matters worse sometimes I can move the window and sometimes I can't. Obviously I have several settings set incorrectly. Adjusting the window size with the right click makes no difference. I have managed to set it correctly twice. However when I come back to Darktable later its defaulted to a larger window bigger than the screen size.

This is an E16 quirk with certain apps alas.

Resizing requires moving borders into the screen area with either Ctrl+Alt+Left-click or using the 'pager' to move the window.

The easiest way to quickly acces all parts is to hit F11 which'll make the window fullscreen. To keep that setting one can hold Ctrl + Alt and right-click on the window and go to the menu option 'remember ...' and make sure that the 'size' option has been enabled for a next time.

That Ctrl+Alt+Right-click menu can also be reached clicking the top left blue rectangle (not available in fullscreen mode though).

There's quite a few other options there, like 'Window size' that offers toggle switches for 'max available size' and such.

OK. I worked out a method in Darktable. I reduced the internal spacing of each working section in darktable so that it made the overall window spacing required smaller. I could then reduce the window smaller than the screen. I right clicked and remembered the window attributes. Then I can set the screen whenever required to maximum available without it going past the screen edge.
I can also reduce the screen to this default at any time.