Setting up an EFL environment?

So I want to develop with EFLs (mainly for making an Elive-centric control panel). I copy paste the sample code from their hello world GUI tutorial, and one of the header files (eina) isn't found. So I go to install libeina-dev...

The following packages will be REMOVED:
elicit elicit-data enlightenment entrance entrance-data ephoto ephoto-data
eruler eruler-data expedite expedite-data libefl-data libefl-dev libefl1
rage-player rage-player-data terminology terminology-data

I go to try libeina (not -dev) and it says something like "no installation candidate, try libefl-dev" which was already installed.

How do I properly set up my EFL environment?

Methinks, to keep your box sane that you should setup a Virtualbox environment for that.
Try exlight for that, it doesn't have E16 getting in the way and is BullsEye based:

For more info:

On current Elive there's a lot of stuff that has e16 specific stuff and on top:
Chances are that EFL as shown on the Enlightenment pages is E17 centric and hasn't been updated in a while.

You stumbled on THE big Enlightenment Achilles heel : It's incredibly hard to start something as a newby because most docs are either outdated or not available at all or worse, non-existant. :eyepopping:

My CPU doesn't have virtualization capabilities. Lightweight distro is one of the main reasons I found elive, so I installed it on a piece of garbage.


Not so sure you need those capabilities for Virtualbox but you could also run Extlight as a live system or as dual boot and test from there.

I'd use/try the live version and see if that will install (or already has) the needed libeina-dev.
Chances are that wont work either .... I don't know, I never tried.

VBox always gives me an error and looking it up it's that the CPU dosn't have virtualisation capabilities

I'll try Later

OK, fixed. It required a special gcc command that had shell ` in it that I thought were formatting errors. Completely my fault.

You'd be pleasantly surprised to note it uses "midnight blue" as default theme and is indeed lightweight. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Running Firefox on the first Virtual desktop there --- live version this. :smiley14:

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downloading right away :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: 4 hours remaining and a guru meditation

Considering how long it's going to take I'm considering going on the wii



Don't if you don't need to: It takes forever to download (from sourceforge), only has a few programs pre-installed, it requires "connman-gtk" to be called to connect and does not know "libeina-dev"albeit "libeinala" is known.

OTH it's a nice way to experience how well Elive is setup by default. :mwahaha:

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You are talking to the guy who is supposed to get 5mbps, actually gets 3mbps, and whose computers turn that into anywhere from 60-400 KBps (but mostly 60-200) :face_with_head_bandage: stupid bell

but yeah i'll stop downloading