Settings menus wording

@triantares suggested recently to rename settings to system in the menus, let's discuss which word is the most intuitive to use:

Basically the settings are divided in two sections for clarity, "administration" which is like settings but for admin tasks, like we can see here:


Note that they are not configurators, they are admin tasks

And the Preferences menus (in e16 called Settings ), which are dedicated to configure your system

So, which will be the correct names to use in each one? I think we can improve this wording for clarity of the end-user, suggestions?

Mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo

Mine are different (I've prolly got more stuff installed)


Meaning there might be some .desktop files that need editing.

On a side note:
The menus only showed up in my machine after clicking "regenerate menus" in the Enlightment section.

Suspecting there's an error in "~/.e16/Init/" :thinking:
But I can't find it. :face_with_head_bandage:

note that the e16 and e17 menus generators works entirely different

but i adapted the e16 one to match the same behaviour of the e17 for these 2 menus (only), so admin and settings... or it should behave the same way

yes, the applications in buster (and your system) can be different

UPDATE: I have updated the generator a little more, update it with "apir e16-data" (make sure doesn't breaks your desktop by removing it first) - wohooo! this eliveretro will be a very good result :dance:

strange but it worked for me in a vbox betatest

in an already installed session? not the live session ... that obviously works.

Yah, you're getting the vibe now. :1up:

yeah of course, and I made sure they were regenerated because they dissappeared after to have them opened on desktop start

so back to the topic, better wording for these? @TheTechRobo ?

  • Administration (?)
  • Preferences / Settings (?)

I suppose these 2 would do fine.
I'm inclined to preferences [sic] but I'm not sure how most (sefl installed) apps in the settings section would define their place in the menu without "settings" available :thinking:

The divide on personal-preferences opposed to system-settings isn't a bad one either.