Settings name in menu applications

Elive had always 2 menu entries in the end:

  • Administration: for admin "tools" and tasks
  • Preferences / Settings: for configure applications and things

In E17 was called Preferences, in E16 Settings, I think the first sounds better and makes it more intuitive :thinking: , its also important that people from any language think easily on the difference between the two, from their name (e16 menu is not translatable)

  • Preferences
  • Settings
  • Configurations
  • Properties

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Let's decide for a word to make it consistent but also intuitive in any language :thinking:

mentions @TheTechRobo @triantares @linux23dragon ...

In general, "preferences" refers to personal choices or subjective options that affect the way a software application or system behaves. They are options that allow users to customize their experience with the software to their liking.

"Settings", on the other hand, refers to the more objective or technical options and configurations that control the operation of a software application or system. These options are usually more focused on the underlying functionality and performance of the software, rather than on the user's personal experience with it.

In short, preferences tend to focus on customization, while settings tend to focus on configuration.

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By that interpretation, 'settings' would fall under our 'administration' so that's not a bad thing. :smile_cat:

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