Shipping computers with Elive pre-intalled

As there are manufacturers & distributors are installing Linux Os in some systems on offer As It would be an advantage to show your Os system to them as it has matured enough and can be offered as a Dual boot system and a selling point of just Windows or Linux only. As it is a sure way to break into the market in a big way. Something to think about?

If you like to know why MXlinux is popular according to Distrowatch web site?
They made their home page default, on the web browsers.

That clocks up the web page hits

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@linux23dragon I have read long time ago about something like this in the past, but that distro was then banned from distrowatch because they tricked the hits (i don't remember which distro was, but i don't think was MXlinux)

Well there are now a few who are now producing laptops with pre-installed Linux software

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This just shows that selling these laptops with Linux installed shows just another way for manufacture and distributors to sell with or without windows 10 or 11 being installed with the option of win 11 in a duel boot system makes good selling point and another way to get a higher profile on Linux but as Elive has the Flash & Bang & Speed over Windows So Linux is being installed and sold. but to how many is not the point it shows because Linux now has its foot in the door. As the next generation are Gamers and Games sells systems and Linux is a gamers best friend for speed & frame rates over Bloatware Microsoft for dummies as well as viruse attacks. Remember retailers see a dual boot system sells better for looks more for the customer BUCK than just a lame windows only Dead Duck hit by a Linux truck.

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