Short Tutorial videos of Elive cool or hidden features for new users!

I think, guess that some amazing features of Elive, won’t be discovered by new users or impatient users trying Elive

Would be cool to have a section on this site, where you could post " less than 1 minutes video " showing us cool things about Elive !

Videos of :

  • Elive terminal cool tricks
  • ELive Windows managment tour ( transparency, WorkSpace etc)

So anything that is cool or different about elive, from time to time if the Elive team could post some short, quick and easy to create for you, screen captures videos of what makes Elive diffent or ALIVE!

With Vokoscreen it’s easy to create a short video (hosted on youtube but made available here) of your screen that could save new users time learning all the Elive World !


Yeah this is a must to have and a very good thing!

Only problem is that it requires time

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Definitely thinking about doing this. Anything for Elive :slight_smile: (except dealing with wikipedia :rofl2:)


Forget wikipedia ... it's a lost cause. :shocked:

There are a lot of basic issues, as to why Elive isn't in the distrowatch top 10 to consider and the available media aren't the reason why.

I can only stress again and again:

It's the community that makes the difference .... and that's where we should be setting our priority.
A stable, friendly community is the only thing that's going to keep Elive alive.
Not coding tricks or sleek interfaces or ease-of-use or geekness or free downloads or any software solution .... just people communicating and aspiring to achieve a common goal. :omgomgomg:

We can do this (free to Angela Merkel :smiley14: ) if we can keep up being nice (albeit a tad weird) guys, helping and supporting each other in whatever we want to do.
It's the basic value the internet (and gnu/linux ) was built on, so let's be grateful for that and build our own future on it.

Getting off my soapbox now. :nod:


..... says the right one :madness:

Don't mind rants like this when I agree with them. :slight_smile: