Simple utility to change keymap on the fly

I made a small little 'yad' app that allows changing the existing keymap to whatever is sudo password required. :slight_smile:
It's available in 'gitlab here':

But also can be downloaded as a simple clickable script here:

Just a matter of downloading and doing a double-click to make it run.

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What's the handiest thing is to have a widget that from a single (or double) click we can select one or other keymap

It's not included by default but I think we had a howto explaining how to set up it, don't remember which app was :thinking:, maybe Elive needs a better support for more than one keyboard, but if im not wrong that's already included in E25+

In any case, good alternative app to have :smiley: :applause:

Which is exactly what this app does but ..... there's a lot of keymaps to choose from, if you want all of them as an option.
In time we can add options to set fixed chosen keymaps using either a 'HotKey' combo like 'Alt + Shift' as well as a clickable icon in i.e the 'systray.'....I suspect that's what youre referring to :thinking:

Something like 'gxkb', which has been mentioned before:

Maybe we just pull in that app and add a GUI configurator for the wanted keymap- and toggle-choices. :smile:

Not really meant as an alternative but as a replacement for 'elive-reconfigure-language-keyboard' which clearly is written as a script for the 'installer' or on the first run of the 'live'-version....and does that job just fine but is overkill in a running system.

The really 'good' thing is that

  1. it doesn't require any elevated (i.e sudo) privileges and works immediately with a minimum of fuss.
  2. it keeps the existing 'model' and 'rules' from the installation, practically assuming they're correct.