Simple website to show people what to use instead of other programs

I saw in LTT's "Trying to do simple tasks in Linux" video, Manjaro told Linus "Instead of snipping tool, we have x".

So I decided to make a website that does this.

Right now it has two entries - screenshot and snipping tool but i'm planning on adding more. If it's put somewhere easily accessible it'll be easier for people than having to Google it.
It also has autocomplete with should be helpful. :nod:

You can find it here: GitHub - TheTechRobo/what-do-i-do-instead: Shows you Elive replacements for common Windows/Mac programs. Still don't have a VPS so you'll have to run a local server to test and contribute ... you won't need to know much Python to add to the database, it's stored as JSON in static/what.json.

Please give me feedback and tell me if I should keep working on it.

Oh and I stole a bunch of code from W3Schools, like every web developer does :madness:

and yes ik my code sucks dont bully me

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I've got mixed feelings on this considering that Elive actually has 3 GUI iterations (E17, E16, E24) which all handle stuff differently. Only the terminal commands are fairly similar overall.

Considering most newcomers will prolly be coming from a Windows environment and not be in the know of that terminal feature or ... at worst, be deathly afraid of it:
This website would be a continuous moving target, not even contemplating on what programs are installed by default and user added at a later stage. :shocked:

Terminal commands are easy enough to find and if, like me you don't remember them all:
Make a directory where you keep those easy to forget commands (with explaining comments) in text files.
That way you'll have a small text based DB of your own. :magick:

That could always be changed.
The only reason I did this in HTML/CSS/JS was because I didn't really have any ideas on autocomplete (which is a necessity, or else misspellings and stuff) and the JS path had W3Schools which had a tutorial.
Autodetection could be added for E16/E2x and any programs you have installed if we rewrote it in a native language.

Right now this is just a proof of concept of what I think Elive should have.

And yeah, I'll probably add terminal commands too.

Welp, apparently the Rust crate prompts has support for autocompletion!

That would make it have to be a CLI program but what's so bad about that. It can still be booted up in terminology.