Slow initial bootup

New Elive 64bit beta donator and user. Pretty impressive distro you have here. I LOVE the TERM environment. VERY slick cursor. It reminds me of my Commodore 64 and some hacks you could do to make a gradual flashing cursor.


I have this installed on a T6 Pro Intel PC stick. It boots to E in about 23 seconds. It seems that most of the lag or a few seconds of it is "Loading initial ramdisk".

I edited /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf and set MODULES=dep and then sudo update-initramfs -u. Didn't seem to speed up anything.

Is there anything else I can try?



Hello @themagicm !
First of all:
Welcome to the forum :omgomgomg:

For the slow boot issue:
It is known on some certain machines, on others not -
we still try to find the solution, your reports are appreciated.
Personally I suspect it has to do with the new kernel modules on the Debian base, but not sure yet.
Keep in touch, we will write updates about it,
as soon we know more.


Ok what I did was disable timesyncd, ntp, networking and get a 4 sec boot into lxde.

DietPi kicks ass!!!


Ok, thanks for reporting.

Could you discover issues with dmesg ?

Could you put the output of
$ inxi -Frnz
herein, pls...

I assume, you meant the ldm greeter here (?)

Aye, if you disable all the services (most of which do make life easier) any linux will boot up in a flash. :happy_dance:
It's a trade off.
One that in general favours accommodating the less tech-savvy users who do not want to be hassled into having to enable certain services (usually as root) just to be able to do simple tasks like search the internet or to have updated repositories.

Do not forget that at first boot the hardware has to be scanned and initialized, subsequent boots tend to be faster.

No, I meant LXDE.

This is running on my car as a dash aka PiDash. I wanted the fastest boot into LXDE so I could load my app which requires X. Don't need networking etc. But I do need an RTC so I ordered a module for my Pi4.

It's pretty quick, just looking to see if it can get any faster now. Lol

Hmm, this is after all a forum dedicated to Elive so it's not a strange question @Rebel450 raised there. :laugh:

You don't need to boot into a full fledged Desktop Environment to run a single app. Just running X11 will do and starting the app with the required (startx) arguments.


are there docs somewhere showing how to run just an app using X11 with startx? If so, can you point me in that direction?

OOH!!! OOPS!! my bad, wrong forum. I went to Elive but meant Diet. Sorry guys.

It's fairly easy.
As a test on elive you can go into another console with Ctrl,Alt and F1 and login there as your general user.
Than for i.e thunar issue the command startx /usr/bin/thunar -- :1
and presto it'll start an instance of itself.
The -- :1 addition is only necessary if you've already got X11 running elsewhere (That would be :0 but isn't needed) as would be the case on Elive.

You can use the same startx command to fire up a remote GUI application localy over ssh, although that does require X forwarding to be enabled.
That can be pretty cool sometimes. :w00t:


Also, you can create a launcher in /usr/share/xsessions/ (copy one of them and modify it) to run directly an app or a script that runs the app :slight_smile:

BTW this thread is now a bit wrong & mixed :thinking: , so... @themagicm is there any issue with elive? or it has any slow boot? (or your issue was entirely related to Diet?) let's see to know how to diverge the thread :slight_smile: