Slow to download the ISO

How much download / month do you have of the ISO ?

I am presently downloading the last ISO and when I saw 45 minutes, OMG... ON most linux site I can get ISO a lot faster.

IF you have less than 150 download per month, I would may be ready to let you use a VM (FAST one, with FAST link), that allows 500 GB / month of transfer...

Beside the download process you already know I am not in love with, if we add above that that it's take 45 minutes instead of 15 minutes or less with several site, I think w're not helping people...

Any feedback are welcome..

Am I to impatient of there are others than me who find 45 mninutes long to download a Linux distro ?

What about sharing a torrent link too. That would give some relief to the server!


only for the stable versions, no time to maintain (create, steps, upload, steps...) for the fast development uploads

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@yoda try again, sometimes the mirrors becomes faster or the internet providers change things, let's see if you have the same speed (in theory you should have the same speed, and you are using the same mirror)

in 2 days of release we reached 1k downloads :slight_smile:


Got my access to my laptop at last. :w00t::happybounce:
I just had a look at the download speed of the .iso and don't have any lags.
I'm not at home but over a "shared network" on my smartphone (using 4g network in Belgium) I need around 10-15 minutes.

I expect that on my connection at home it would only need a few minutes. :happy_dance:

So I suspect certain download lags may down to geo problems (I think Elive server is EU based), provider- and/or specific machine/user based issues. :shocked:

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You're right... Today it's working well, arount 4-5 minutes for me

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