Smart Upgrade / install mode to fix a damage Elive installation


  • elive was running perfect :slight_smile:
  • when messing around with sound system and firefox, I messed up the audio
  • JF uninstalled several PulseAudio and Pulse This and Pulse that with synaptic
  • everything was then ok, sound was ok.
  • rebooted
  • after login & pw, I in a loop always going back to login / password can’t go pass the user / password

GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO USE THE Upgrade / Smart mode install to not have to re-install and reconfigure everything

  • booted with USB stick
  • I am offered once in Elive and after running Elive installer to " Ugrade in SMart mode " to keep my current installation to not lose anything, I SAY YES
  • Installation process starts but when trying to close another Window ( Mario game or something else… don’t remember) I closed by mistake the Installation window so and it aborted/interupted the installation…

Now if I launch the installer or reboot with USB stick, I am not offered anymore to use the SMART UPGRADE…

Is my only solution is to re-install clean ?

installation log has been checked during installation

I will probably reinstall clean. And never mess around on my production elive system ( use test VM next time )

Reinstalling clean :slight_smile:
Next time , VM for my tests as suggested

Back on my feet.
It is fast to reinstall Elive LOL

Actually yes, the system is then in a modified state and the installer “upgrade mode” doesn’t has a “recover / cancel” mode in case is aborted, that is annoying in cases like yours on when accidentally has been aborted

It could be possible to implement in a future, maybe, but sounds like big rewritings in the installer too

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