So i crossgraded my elive

After a whole afternoon i were able to crossgrade my elive installation.
I if did a nice and tidy rm -rf / it would have been faster.
Though i can run steam now!

A good thing about this is that i will try the elive beta upgrade mode and see if it can fix stuff like it did perfectly with every mess i made in the stable versione

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No surprise there with the low RAM you've got. :happybounce:

It's not due to the speed :joy: it's because crossgrading without making a not-working mess on a not-vanilla debian is not so easy!

Actually I've found that Elive does an excellent job at crossgrading.
No hassle and dead easy even if it's from stable to beta or 32 to 64 bits......albeit stable to beta has some things to look out for, like not having e16 on stable.

I found it faster than a fresh install, as there were less questions to be answered but then I've got a tad more RAM available (8Gb) :w00t:

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it was my first time trying seriously, maybe i just got something wrong!