Some problems with the instalation

Hello and I'm sorry I don't write better in English, I'm trying to install the iso 3.8.19beta on a pc with an amd a10 5800k with integrated graphics, after grub any live + install option doesn't start and stays in bussybox or something Thus, it is not just a complete terminal since when I give it help I do not find any option to install the OS and with the 32-bit version I start without problems and I would like to install the 64-bit version if someone comes up with an option, for now I am re-downloading the iso and creating a bootable usb.

As a first check out the .iso you have downloaded with "md5sum" to be sure there aren't any problems there through the transmission.

Then make sure that the "secure boot" is turned off in the BIOS/Firmware of the PC.
If that doesn't work try booting from a different USB port.

If all that doesn't work ..... write the .ISO to the USB slower. I.e write in smaller batches like 4M or even 1M if need be.

5 minutes ago i try to install using unetbootin to make the usb and now its working only the tipical problem whith the screen resolution the desktop sows displaced but changing the resolution the problem its corrected now the instaler its working perfectly sorry for the inconvenience i dont know if maybe its the yumi usb instalation or the iso but now its working

That sounds like the automatic font resizer playing up. IMO it creates more problems than it solves. :face_with_thermometer:
On a reboot or after installation it should be OK but apparently a manual resize is also sufficient.......Good to know. :smiley14: