Sound Juicer (audio-cd player & ripper) replacement

Seems like Sound Juicer has some difficulties detecting the audio cd's

aparently you need to open the app and / or inserting the CD's multiple times, or just, open Thunar to trigger some detection of the audio type cd

Because of this, is there any similar tool, light, suggested to be a replacement? so for a specific audio-cd player & ripper usage

I've found RubyRipper can rip CDs that are in terrible shape - but may not be a good choice for speed - also not maintained anymore I think.


But not if you want to keep your Elive bloatfree, sry.

I actually haven't played an audio CD on my system for years (well my laptops dont have CD drives any more either) It's all MP3 nowadays even in my car.
For ripping you don't need the audio output anyway. :innocent:

IIRC Nautilus, the default gnome file-manager actually played sound files directly --it also played as a preview of the sound file if you kept the cursor on it. :w00t:

There are a lot of rippers out there. Each with it own advantage/disadvantage.

If I need to rip a CD (mostly audiobooks, now and than), I'm searching like this:
apt search ripper

And than I'll pick one. More important than ripping to mp3 (or ogg, if your device supports it), is the tagging, for me. That is the main reason, why I am using more GUI tools (ripperx, k3b (if already installed), handbreak (if already installed)) for this task, than command line tools (crip, ripit, ...).
I want to see the result from CDDB and edit it in my style.

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That has much nicer (color) output than apse so maybe a change of the alias from apt-cache search to apt search is an idea.

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pretty nice suggestion :slight_smile: , apt is a new improved frontend for apt, can you add a task for this on Asana?

the problem was more like in the case of Antonio, which had some audio cds and simply "wanted to use them", so even if these disks are a deprecated thing, could be nice to be able to use them, directly working by default in elive like everything else :slight_smile:

in fact, old versions of elive like gem or topaz was very featured, if you insert an audio cd a direct application for that is launched, not even need to think "how i should use this now?", same when you connect a scanner or plug a new printer, even specific actions for a plugged webcam or similar things... (more hidden features that people didnt know about elive, and now deprecated lol)

so we need a simple app that can play audio cds in a simple way when a user wants to use them, and with the feature to rip them which is even more needed than play them

if anyone has the time to try's some of them and has a better suggestion than sound-juicer, please tell me :slight_smile:

You installed him 3.0 or 3.7 releases? Only by curiosity...

updated original thread with that info
of course 3.0 :slight_smile: , which very featured and userfriendly, new alphas's is not so intuitive for end users yet

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I have similar "problem" with my wife's computer.... as she was habitued to Debian+Gnome she was completely lost with the 3.7.8 + E16 I installed her one week ago, so until next stable 4.0 release she forces me to back her computer again to Debian+Gnome :rage::rage::rage:

My suggestion:

what about the stable version of Elive? except for "outdated browsers" and not working on recent hardware (old drivers), is a much more ready to use system for anybody

mmh, brasero is not an "audio cd player" and not a audio-cd ripper too (to mp3 files) :thinking: