Special Elive disc tools..?


Getting some problems with a sshd, Elive made a remark about using some integrated tools for HDs... But I can't find those (exept usual GParted, Discs or so, fdisk)!
Is there a reference, man page, "wiki", for that?


sshd or ssd?

which remark? which message you mean?


SSHD Got a problem with blocks, one bad sector isolated outside partitions using fdisk...
When I want to format with an ext > problem; I didn't try with reiser as only reisefs is proposed by GParted, not reiser4, but with btrfs formating goes... But very long at start to pass checking of the sshd...
Surely I know that the best thing should be to dish that disc, but I can't immediately buy a brand new one...
I forget the exact remark from Elive... need to play it again to catch it back!
Are your ad hoc tools equivalent to those in Seatools (it's a seagate sshd)?


Oh, SSHD you mean the hybrid SSD+HD disks, ok

Mmh, i recommend you to fill the entire disk with zeroes first, to clean it up and force a write to all its sectors, or just format it and use it

reiser4 is only included in 3.7.x alpha versions, not in the stable release 3.0

btrfs on the stable 3.0? no, don't use it, its a dangerous old version of btrfs, only use btrfs since 3.7.x

Zeros+write, ok so with dd...
Formating with btrfs, is here, via Mint or Elive 3.7.x...