Spinning icons on cairo-dock Elive-light-panel theme

tks @triantares for your custom theme... I liked it and still like it but I went back th default @Thanatermesis theme.

I liked my " spinning icons / notifications" at the bottom... Very useful

But have optional "tweaked" themes will always be a +

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I'm not sure what you mean by that......could you elaborate??
It's definitely not something I've come across (I think). :thinking:

I mean with default ELive's Them, if I receive a chat message (IRC), Signal message, etc the icon in Cairo Dock, spins to notify me and I like that. LOL

Ahh, but that's a system call to cairo-dock ..... enabling that is out of the scope of a theme and should be system wide i.e not dependant on a theme.
That's @Thanatermesis call, not mine......
I probably could "enable" that somewhere, I suspect ........ :thinking:


Ye spinning icons are there in the light-panel, so that raises the questions why they don't spin in your box. :thinking:


triantares, you want spinning icons? If you haven't found it already; screenshot added

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Ah, this thread is strange without the context. I'll change it.
Thanks. :+1:

Personall I actually don't like the spinning icons, hence I never enabled them by default on the Elive-light-panel-theme for cairo-doc but they burst into flames.

Yoda's icons somehow didn't spin as a notification. :smiley_cat:

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