SSD maintenance in Elive

Just wondering if anyone has a solution for solid state drive maintenance in Elive.
I used TRIM in ubuntu but according to this Debian page:

it requires a newer kernel than 3.16…

Tks for those links… I am using SSD for Elive ( I am on elive 99% of the time) and another drive for Ubuntu…

Will read what you sent…

What kind of maintenance are your doing / Talking about ?

My two OS just " work " Lol but I know very few about SSD maintenance

I used to use the TRIM command to keep SSDs from slowing down understanding is that it also helps with SSD longevity:


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SSD optimizations are already included by the installer :slight_smile: with special formatting options and fstab entries

Suggestions to improve the actual setup are welcome

BTW ironically: I have some of the oldest SSD’s, from my main (big work) laptop for example, never had any problem, stills working very good… while old mechanical disks dies after 1-8 years lol


Ah - I see the discard command in the fstab file now - is that what you mean?
Another one of your magical optimizations…nice!

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Not only that! :omfg: but also:

  • dynamically configured optimal scheduler in boot time when the disk detected is mechanical or not (elive-udev package)
  • discard optimized option in fstab (as said before)
  • discard option also included for the encrypted layer (see /etc/crypttab)
  • different filesystem selected for the auto-partitioning during installation if ssd is detected or not
  • correct alignment of every partition created to their physical block to have an optimal work response (same for the encrypted layer and LVM structures)
  • barrier option included for the root filesystem
  • there’s also more optimizations not specifically for ssd’s :slight_smile:

As you can see, there’s a ton of optimizations that Elive loves to include by default, the sad thing is that nobody knows these details and even some people thinks that Elive is just “debian with enlightenment”