Stable boots but won't reach desktop

I finally acquired a new(ish) laptop, an X1 Carbon from Lenovo, the specs are here

The Elive USB I've been using for years on my old Dell latitude brings me to the old selection screen (safe mode, live and install mode, etc.) and even choosing safe mode doesn't work. On the Dell (a 32-bit machine) there was no problem, and I can get online using e17. On this newer machine, before I can select the language and keyboard, the boot throws me out and I get a light blue screen Restarting... This is the first time that elive cannot give me the GUI desktop. I might try the beta, which has 64bit, but maybe there are other things I can try before rolling back to e16

My main machine is exactly that machine (a 3rd gen too) and runs Beta just fine.
It's the finest, thinnest and lightest machine for a reasonable price I know. :hot:

I have serious doubts (I did try but that's a while ago) and found that Stable cannot handle the graphics card.
Beta does that just fine albeit that my eyes get seriously strained with a 256x1440 resolution so I go down a tad to 2048x1152. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
And on top I've got stable running fine in fullscreen with virtualbox on a dual screen setup,

Additionally, with my current setup --- E16 doesn't feel like a downgrade at all. :runningfast: