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Before downloading Elive I would like to if Steam,.wine and Gog games will work on Elive ?

Steam should work on the Beta (click for more details)

If you're using the Stable version, good luck. It's really outdated.

For the Beta: If you're using Nvidia's proprietary drivers you might need to use the Flatpak, but it should work nonetheless. AMD GPUs should just work.

As Elive Beta is based on Debian Buster, Wine should work. I don't know what Gog is nor have I ever used it so I can't give advice on that.

In general Elive will support every Linux-based Gaming, that will nearly be supported by Debian/Ubuntu.

Steam is in the repository and can be used nearly OOTB (out of the box). But only for games that will come with Linux support.
GOG on the other hand announced a Linux client, but withdraw this project. See: Release the GOG Galaxy client for linux -
Wine will work. If THIS specific game is working, depends on a lot of factors. A good read is always
The project 'Play-on-Linux' also give a lot of support. It should be all working with Elive 64bit.

'Gaming' is a huge topic on all platform.
Even under Windows you'll need to take care about your graphics card, the properly driver and some DirectX magic. If you are also into sound, the DirectSound Support should be working.
As this directly depends on your hardware, there is no general 'yes, all fine' answer.

Elive will support a lot of setups, maybe more than a plain Debian/Ubuntu, thanks to all the little helpers from @Thanatermesis.
But keep in mind, the goal of Elive is to provide a reliable Linux for beginner and advanced users. Gaming is possible without special (Elive)limits, but not in focus.
In fact, Elive should be a little better prepared, because it is not bound to only free/FOSS packages (driver, library, firmware, ...).

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