Stick Window + Iconify + Virtual Desktop/Pager

Iconify + Sticky + Virtutal Desktop

Yesterday I had to bring back home some " huge / heavy " rackmount server from an hosting company we use.

I had to dedicate my smaller screen (Left) to that server and kept my 32 inch (right) monitor for my Day to Day stuff with Elive ( email, web, terminals windows and so on)

  1. It forced me to work with one display ( Elive e16 is pefect with one monitor)
  2. in what I do, my left display usually has 4 Terminal Windows with some important monitoring stuff related to my internet business. "I always need to see those terminal window so that is why the Left scree is usually dedicated to them and eMail.

I used intelligently the " Sticky Window feature" and it changed the world to me.

Usually my monitoring windows and email are on the left and I work on the right.

What I did (it may sound simplistic but for some it will clear up your desk and allow you to work with one monitor)

  • I Sticked my email app and the 4 important terminal window because I always want them in sight when changing Virtual Desktop
  • I left 30% of the screen available for whatever else (Web, another terminal, Netflix, each of them in different Virtual Desktop but at the same place)

So now, whenever I change Desktop, 3 areas of the 32 inches are always there in front of me. And the 30-40 % left is for another Window / work I am doing...

SO when I change Desktop from the keyboard, the effect is funny / cool and only the part I am working on moves... The other parts are static and in plain sight as I wanted.

And in bonus, Iconified's Apps stay at the top of the screen on whichever Virtual Desktop I use.

I'll record something when I have a minute....

But it is making E16 with one display, a very good and functional environnement for people with several windows/Apps... Example : IRC/CHat could be one of your Sticky window always there.



I'd actually be quite interested in how you setup e16 as your desktop in the first place, especially the dock. So throw in a few screenshots, eh. :smiley:

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Terminal windows are empty (highly confidential :laugh: ) but you will seee

  • on the pager down that the 1st window has more windows, the sticky ones are there and as I am positioned there, you see them all
  • but on the other Virtual Desktop, it,s a different application at every DV but positioned at the same place.
  • Top left, systray
  • top left iconified windows

Cairo-dock not installed yet

Usually my monitoring windows are at top right but Conky decided to show at last update LOL so I will see if I keep there.

So when I move to next Virtual Desktop. the Opera window get replaced by another window/App

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