Success in installing Firefox 71? Please share!

I went to mozilla's website, and downloaded firefox-71.bz2. Although I could use file-roller or some other tool to unpack and install it on my 32-bit laptop, I used bunzip2 followed by tar xvf so that the entire pack got installed in /usr/local/share/firefox. I used cd to go in there to run firefox Unfortunately the command errors out with libatomic not found

Anyone able to run the newest Firefox? Or maybe you know how to get it going, that could also help. Thanks!

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This means that it is the 64bit version and not usable on 32bit.

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Thanks for the reply! There's always Chrome on this bad boy =)

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its not just a dependency problem ? :thinking: like:

api libatomic1

I was informed that FF71 is 64bit, and that gives the warning. This issue will have to wait until I upgrade to a different machine, but you can close the thread. Thank you, Thana o/