Suggest here "wine" applications

Wine (windows) applications is something very needed for the users (they wants to install windows applications, small ones but also powerful ones like Adobe), and could be nice to write a ‘Features’ page in the Elive website showing that you can install windows applications, with a good list of the most wanted & useful ones (also games?)

For that, we need first a list of the applications that works, if you have a suggestion, write it here :), and if you can make it running please make a screenshot too! (it will be used for the website), where quality must be:

  • in PNG format (max quality)
  • wallpaper must be a pure-white one (design purposes)
  • where to upload it --> simply paste it here :happy:

Extra: the winehq website is very useful as a list of apps and also how to make them working:
In addition to winehq, the project ‘Play on Linux’ provides a lot of installer (not only for games).


Tested + Screenshot


  • UT99 GOTY (It is running well at low hardware and still is impressive (plus a great wine support))

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Metatrader (Elive 3.7.x)