Suggestion: antidot

Someone recommended this to me.

Kind of like stow but completely automated.

Worth thinking about?

Haven't tried it yet.

Well I've no idea on how well it works (nor how much it breaks) but I suspect it will only work for programs that abide by the common rules.

Personally I'm not that worried or irritated by the dotfiles as I usually have them set as hidden and a ctrl + H is easy enough to have them IMO not worth the hassle.

I do see that the Fix-it-till-breaks! kind of people will be having a hard time not applying this. :impatient:

Aaaaaand, note the last line in the README:
Fish shell and Zsh support is coming soon. :ohmygod:

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Just try in your /home... :+1:

BackUp before is recommended, btw :rofl::joy:

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I agree with the maker that a lot of those .dot files are simply local config files that are better off in the ~/.config/ directory but quite a few programs have stuff in there that is required to run. My own invoice program being one of them (that's where it keeps/finds it's templates o.a) :shocked:

2 serious downsides IMO:

  • Doing this would actually mean, that having i.e a separate /home partition that you backup regularly would only run on the same system (with the same apps) that you ran this "antidot" program on...there will be no relatively easy interchangeability between other systems.

  • I'm also worried what, at a later date upgrading, reconfiguring with dpkg or re-installing with an app like firefox would do....there's more intricate apps that come to mind like our Elive enhanced thunar that could lose certain user defined functionality.

In all my years of helping other people out, in getting their computers (regardless of OS) up and running again ..... the main cause of destruction was those people "cleaning up" and deleting files on their machine. :ohmygod:

the "antidot" scripts are trying to cure a symptom, not the cause. So ...
Instead of "antidot" there's a need to make clear to devs that ~/.config is the standard place to put user config files.


Well said, agreed.
The next candidate for having best trouble ever is
'Bleach Bit"
Novice users:
Keep your hands off those "maintenance utilities"!
This advice is for free by today,
tomorrow we'll chop all your money for helping you out :sweat_smile::wink:


You see the guy's, I assume the developer,
smile on the pic above....
For sure he was just imagine what will happen to certain users, by using his stuff .....

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