Suggestion: using asciinema for terminal videos

I don't have used it yet for any website but I planned to do it on the website of elive since long time, for now we can use it for the forum too, so I saw the nice howto of @TheTechRobo for swapfiles that included a video of the terminal, using asciinema we have a better alternative than videos for this purpose, anybody wants to try it? :slight_smile: just do your test on this thread !

Note: if doesn't works, maybe we need to whitelist the domain on the forum settings

mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo @LupusE

I heard of it but completely forgot. Thanks for reminding me!

also, it was my swapfile thread, FWIW

oh! fixed haha

I assumed @triantares just because he was talking about and found the thread on the main page with his username logo (but username logo is always set to the last reply on the thread) haha

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I would strongly advise to hold back on too many vids using the terminal (same goes for screenshots).
They're useful as an illustration but do require a text that explains it all and can be copied (and checked) by anyone else.

Simply using a video so as not to explain the actions, would be the worst thing to do. :shocked:

tale a look at f.ex. bpm-counter - asciinema (I've picked really a random video with a little text, not only ascii-art). The recorded and shown text is fully copy'n'paste-able.
See -> [master]kyr@lenovo ~$ bpm

And even in an Ascii Video you're able to give comments:

lupus@zoe:~$ whoami # command to tell me who i am, should be the same as in front of the line
lupus@zoe:~$ uname -a # which kernel is running?
lupus@zoe:~$ echo "hello triantares" # write the thing in "", not the thing behind #
hello triantares

Oh yes, 'asciinema' is nice to play with, especially if one is already adept at using the terminal. :applause:

I'm just warning against overly usage as a means to avoid explaining how to even get there and why.

  • It's good as a graphical illustration next to explanatory text, not as a replacement.