Suggestions for better hour-configurator and brightness keys

Playing around with my different laptops I personally found 2 things I'd like to be different.

  1. "Hour-configurator" (i.e "dpkg-reconfigure tzdata") does not work correctly on some machines (especially if there's no network and/or the BIOS is set to UTC) and maybe should be replaced by "timedatectl set-timezone"and "timedatectl set-time".
    Do we need to create a GUI for that or is there already something for it? :thinking:

  2. For a better Ux I'd advise to have more jumps by default (i.e incremental changes) when raising or lowering screen-brightness.
    IMO 10% is too crude/jumpy where 5% would feel smoother and allow for a darker lowest brightness (5%).
    It's easy enough for me to edit .e16/bindings.cfg and alter that ...... I'm thinking about what a new user, who has never seen Elive-Retro-E16 would feel when using the dedicated keys.

Any thoughts?