Suggestions for gaming migration

I didn’t see this in any other topic. So I thought I would put it here because this could be the closest.

I am aware that we are dealing with old versions of most things, but I have a feeling it could catch up later. what I would like to know is if there is a good way to implement gaming as both an option along side this “Ecomorph” as a hardware acceration… And as an alternative to Ecomorph. I have not found options for gaming yet, but I am also very slow at exploration.

I know some flavors of linux specialize but I am hoping that this one I can get more well rounded aspect. One thing I need is a good way to get a lot of the games I have on steam to also play on linux. I am not a programmer. I don’t know how all that works. I have attempted downloading code and compiling it. I usually have troubles.

How possible is it to get games working on elive that is GPU intensive? Even if it’s not possible now is it possible later? Is there a good suggestion now to look into? I know Cadega has been at one time a leader in that industry. It also was very commercial back then.

thanks for any interest in helping me resolve this!!

I am not a gamer, but I think, this is a very interesting topic as more and more BIG player are making their Game or Game Platform to linux…

Tks !