Switching keyboard input language in E16

To switch fast between one keyboard language and another the easiest way is to simply create a hotkey that runs the command to switch the keyboard, for that, edit your hotkeys file:

scite ~/.e16/bindings.cfg

You have a small description of how to modify this file on the start on it, scroll down and you will see some examples, now go to the end and you can add something like this:

KeyDown CA 1 exec setxkbmap fr
KeyDown CA 2 exec setxkbmap en

This entry will use the combination Ctrl + Alt + 1 (number one of your keyboard) to switch to the french keyboard. Add another one for your other desired keyboard or as many as you want. Save the file and reload Enlightenment to start using it (with Ctrl + Alt + End)

You can use any combination of your choice, and you can add any keyboard option to the exec command, you can also run the command directly from a terminal to see how your keyboard changes (you must open a new terminal every time to try it), check "man setxkbmap" to know about more keyboard options.

Multiple Keyboards by default

You can use setxkbmap to have multiple keyboards at the same time, for example:

setxkbmap "us,ru"

This option will have both keyboards available, and you can switch them from a graphical gadget like "fbxkb" using the middle click. Or, you can use both control keys pressed at the same time to switch them with the command:

setxkbmap "us,ru" -option "grp:ctrls_toggle"

Graphical gadget on desktop

Do you prefer to have a graphical gadget on the desktop? Install the package fbxkb (good for E16 desktop), and use the middle click button to switch between your keyboards


Start your desktop with your predefined setxkbmap command

Edit your startup applications file and simply add on the last line your command to run:

scite ~/.e16/startup-applications.list

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