Synaptic Package installer

I just " upgraded " to ELive 3.8.4 64 bits
Everything went smooth.

Am I right saying Synaptic is the most known package installer ? WHy not install it by default ?

We we type some command to change FS from EXT4 TO Reiser3 ? Of the only way to go is to " CLean install" ?


because is ugly :slight_smile:

well yeah, basically, not very user-friendly (example: my mom would not be able to install software with it), instead, we are using a different one which is much more friendly (my mom, would be able using this one), the only thing that we need to know is that it works correctly and without issues

BTW, since this one is a bit more huge in resources, the 32-bit version uses synaptic instead of that one

clean install, and don't believe in tools that claims that can convert your filesystems, its dangerous and you can lose your data :slight_smile:

by other side i dont think is too important to switch from ext4 to reiserfs unless you feel the computer slow, but you may not notice really an improvement

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If the one you talking about, easy to use, is the the one called SOFTWARE, is it possible, when i SEARCHED for a package, I didn't find the package i wanted and using synaptics, I found the package ?


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mmh, which package is that one? i will try it here

I will reinstall (CLEAN) one of my laptop with 3.8.4 and let you know...
I don't remember but will test it with a new installation....

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OK Clean install

  • tried to install Keepass2
  • Tried to install Terminator
    using SOFTWARE that didn't find it

Installed, using Software, Synaptic
Synaptic found those 2 software without problems


My dad pretty much hate it

What about adding snap store too by default?

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i tried, but flatpack was better, which has been finally removed because it is extremely insecure, you can still enable it by installing the dependency but is not included by default because is not good to give the users the ability to install unsecure software (without them even know it)


What i don't like much about the "software" alternative is its concept of "go to shopping" (first message when you launch it), its like wtf, we are installing packages not going to the commercial center, which leaves also a more "comercial" taste or the feeling that the distro can be better if you pay for it (and is not, there's not any limitation in elive if you download it, no trial modes no premium modes)

@yoda I just tried to search for those software, and alright they don't show up, BUT if you wait around 1 minute they shows up, seems like it needs first to set up some caches or something similar :thinking: try it again, I was able to install terminator, and keepass it shows like 2 different options


This is the philosophy instilled by app and play store.