Sysctl tuning

I’m traveling right now so I don’t have access to my normal test bench to check. Have any of these options been reviewed to see if they should be added for either security or performance tuning?
I think it could be interesting to have a GUI that gave a type of low/medium/high with regards to “what is your intended use of the machine” such as for network optimization settings. Most users I know seem to set things like swappiness.


(This is not my github, this is just a decently documented location for some sysctl tuning I use)

No none really have been, at least not in depth.
Do you think you could find time to look into that? :smiley_cat: it's not really my forte and my agenda is fairly to completely full.

A widget offering those options is actually not a bad idea at all , albeit there are certain dragons there for unsuspecting users.. :smiley14:
AND it will make you feel less geeky using that. :madness:

I can look into which should be in a type of 1/2/3 template, but making anything graphical isn’t my forte. I will reply with my results in a week or so after I get return from my trip.

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this template looks very interesting, in fact some of these confs could be included by default if improves the system, but there's an important thing about it:

  • it needs to be pretty well tested to make sure that improves everything in every aspect (and not making something worse)

another possible thing to do is to include the entire conf with everything commented, since it can be a good source of info where the user can enable / disable things

in any case, that's stuff for advanced users :slight_smile: no really need to include a gui for that, the ones who knows what is that, already knows how to modify it

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That's what @cisc0ninja was trying to change. If it says "what kind of ______ do you do normally?" the system can be tailored by non-techiis.