System Maintenance/Rescue

Put live System Maintenance/Rescue tools on a pertsistent usb image with the installation tools. When I fix somebody's system with it they'll ask what/how i'm doing so without booting their windows

All the needed tools for system rescue are already in the image AFAIK.
Which ones are you missing?
Or do you mean they should be more obvious to find?

Some of the pentesting and forensics tools from kali would be cool, maybe make it like a persistent swiss army knife along with the pretty enlightenment setup. I wasn't saying elive lacked tools, I was more saying that if it gets known as a top-notch repair tool it'll get a nice amount of exposure from people seeing and using it on repairs. I had this happen with one of the much older versions of elive and converted 5 people to linux users due to the lack of need to install if persistence is set up.

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Welcome to Elive and the forum.

For your idea using the live image as maintenance/support - tool -
feel free to tailor your image for your needs.
For us it's out of scope to offer another image for
(eventually) "pen-testing" ;
usually people which wants this, knows how to do it.

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But it might be an idea to put stuff like "system repair", "pentesting", "beta testing", etc in separate categories.
Right now they're all sort of thrown together in "accessories" or "utilities" which doesn't really have an impact and is getting too big. :thinking:

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These are very specific tools, if you want to use them in Elive I suggest you to see how to make them running on a Debian Buster system, this will be compatible with the beta versions of Elive, probably you may need to add a special extra repository and install the needed packages in persistence, so you can have them all in your USB later :slight_smile: