Test run 3.8.40 on Thinkpads

Test running 3.8.40 on my Thinkpads X1 carbon 7th and 8th gen I found that running 'live' as well as 'installation' to disk worked flawlessly.
All hardware detected correctly and configured as it should. :happybounce:

  • The only thing I noticed was that the installer does not ask for an email address anymore, for bug hunting when installing locally. :thinking:

I also swapped out SSDs (containing existing Elive) on 3 machines which also went quite well.
The only thing that had to be done was to have 'grub' work nice with the changed UEFI settings.
That can be done through 'chroot' and reinstalling grub with "sudo update-grub" and/or (if coming from Debian Buster) "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-efi-amd64".

If 'chroot' is a bit daunting: Then start the existing Elive by downloading and using 'super-grub2-disk' to boot and work from there. That way you'll boot into your habitual GUI, including encrypted partitions. :slight_smile:


recyclated / re-used this setting if detected to be previously configured one, this is made to avoid asking the question over and over everytime

for that, if your machines can use uefi is better to have all of them with uefi enabled, probably then they just work (boot) out of the box

NOT if the partition UUIDs have changed. Hence the work-around addition. :innocent: