Thanatermesis computer upgrade

You may not believe it but... the biggest RAM I ever had in a computer is 8GB

So yeah, I have worked until today with 8GB of RAM

So we are in 2021, I think it's time for an upgrade

Not really needed, but is not -so- expensive and it will help in making the computer a little faster, I have recently noticed that my swap partition was doing a little of cache when opening multiple tasks (especially browser tabs :woman_facepalming:), note that the recent beta versions of Elive has big improvements in managing the swap partition to not be saturated / too much used

So in short, yeah, this soon upgrade will help the development in... having more browser tabs opened :rofl2:

Since using multiple monitors I found that a hefty amount of GPU memory is a great boon.
Me, I'm still stuck with 8Gb RAM but haven't actually over-saturated that yet.

Admittedly, I stop opening new tabs when they start to go "off-screen" or become messy and open another browser instance on another monitor.
Another thing I do quite often with Howtos or tutorials on the web, is to use the "wkhtmltopdf" command and add them to my (PDF)library....especially since my bookmarks are really getting out of hand. :shocked:

yep, thats the biggest thing, unfortunately I have a browser opened the 99% of the time (now im working with website so... i assume is normal), but they are imho bad designed in much senses, for example is left open when you have something "to check in another moment", consuming all the time resources for nothing (i have tabs since months! no joke), but you cannot remove them or you forget that thing you need to check, so you are somewhat forced to keep it. Also something that I don't understand, why the tabs are not "suspended to disk" just like hibernation does with a computer, when they are not used for let's say 15 minutes long? or simply freed up, the worse thing that can happen is that the page simply "reloads", oh so bad! 2 seconds wasted waiting to reload (irony)

an option is the extension "onetab", but is also bad designed (too much clicks & stuff just to park a tab), in the end i dont use it much

in the past i had a command that kills my browser every 15 minutes, it was good :rofl2:

upgrade ready :slight_smile: :applause:

That's where I use "wkhtmltopdf" but admittedly, even that becomes a whopping big mess because after a while I don't remember why I saved that specific page.
And I have to give the resulting pdf a meaningful name. :wow:

My last one in my history is/was:
wkhtmltopdf Pi.pdf

Meaning that I then abuse my history as a database :innocent:

Just realized that the amazing zsh and the default Elive shell settings is another thing we should flaunt. Ctlr & r recursive searches begone. :impatient:

There's many things :slight_smile: yes the terminal must have a dedicated page too in the Features section

Make a look to the "help" command which is a short summary of all the best features in the terminal :wink:

That too but I meant making it more obvious in the live/installer ...... short dedicated movies accessible from a "choice" widget comes to my mind again. :innocent:

Thinking about this. :thinking:

This could actually become a GUI program for i.e code snippets:

  • Use "wkhtmlpdf" to get the wanted page
  • saved it to a dedicated folder where there's also flat text file with name and content for fast searching (for now a real database would be overkill)
  • and a script to "refresh" the content at a set time period (in case of changes).
  • Call a wanted PDF file through entering a search string in the GUI.

well, right now what I remember is the idea to make in a "revolution-slider" form (like the animation of the header), why? because can be similar to a movie (images / movements / sentences) and also CAN be used in both the website (attract people, SEO boosting) and both the OS itself (running a web small widget that loads it), so yeah on this way is easy to include it on the installing process using few resources and benefiting different ways (also: always updated to the last version)

~ ❯❯❯ dpL elive-tools | grep web

there was a tool ^ for that wrote long time ago, i dont know if stills working but it can be improved if not :slight_smile: it is meant to generate documents from webpages (actually, there's browser extensions that i think can do a better job)

BTW I installed yesterday "tab suspender", seems to free some ram and cpu when the pages are not used, this maybe should be a must to have by default in elive? :thinking: ram (and cpu) resources by the browsers are a really big issue for the computers (how's that the devs simply don't give a :poop: ? they simply don't care about that and sacrifices user resources for having the browser 0.0001 sec faster than the other ones? damn)

This one looks interesting but might be a bit overkill. :thinking:

For me most GUI stuff is often too mouse-clickety-click and wasted time in moving around the screens. :face_vomiting:

My general habit (definitely not everyone's cake) is to select the link, hit F12 (opens guake-terminal) start typing "wkht..." selecting a previous wkhtmltopdf command and pasting the link into it and adding the the output file name.

I use "wkhtmltopdf" extensively in my administration programs to create pdfs from an altered (by script) HTML base file....ultimately it was the only command that.

  1. was also available on OsX (M$ not welcome yet, other than installing ubuntu terminal first)
  2. and runs from a shell (also on OsX)
  3. Reproduces a correct copy of the HTML

The other options (like in python) were too convoluted for me, requiring installation of specific modules no-one else was going to have installed, or too much overhead like by using headless libreoffice or firefox.
Using markdown instead of HTML as a base isn't always rendered 1:1 either ..... which would depend on having "pandoc" available locally too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pandoc is cool but actually isn't installed by default on Elive (NOTE: It should be) and "pandoc-from-web-to-misc" doesn't format very well whilst creating too many files (and no pdf) IMO.

BTW, shall we end this thread and move it to "off-topic"?

the reason is that the dependencies are huge :confused:

What I do, in Firefox (but it's prolly similar in Chrom*):

go into prefernces - set it to open your previous session

every time your tabs get out of hand, CTRL+Q, to exit FF, then open it again.

All your tabs except the selected one in each window will be in the tab bar still, but not be loaded anymore

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