Thanatermesis status

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In the last weeks, I have been deeply working on the Elive Retro version, which indirectly is benefiting a lot of the beta versions (lots of improvements everywhere), unfortunately, 2 days ago I break a rib :frowning_face:

It was a stupid accident, and a rib broke, what a bummer! Nothing serious, fortunately, no internal organs were damaged but is very annoying, I'm very limited in my movements, and I cannot do much, and I need to wait like 6 weeks for this to be fixed... no dancing classes for now! dammit!

In any case, this will not stop the Elive Retro development, let's continue! :runningfast:


I hope you heal quickly. Sorry about your accident.

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Wish you geht healthy soon !!!

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Hope you get well soon @Thanatermesis .

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Very bad luck. I broke 4 ribs surfing last year. It takes a while to heal. Hopefully your well cared for and can take advantage of the situation and chill. Get well soon.

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How are you these days? hopefully you are healing fast?

yep thank you, it took me only 2 weeks to feel better, 4 weeks in total without doing much movements but 2 weeks was enough to not feel pain anymore :slight_smile: